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Why is Total Alkalinity so Important?

We always preach to our spa customers how important it is to keep total alkalinity levels where they should be based on the sanitizing products that you use. But why is it so important? Low total alkalinity may cause spa water to be corrosive to metal causing staining, etching, or distorting to spa surfaces (not to mention making your skin itch and maybe even break out in a rash). Proper alkalinity reduces "pH bounce" by buffering the water against undesirable pH changes. Total alkalinity should be tested weekly and maintained in the range of 125-150 ppm (depending on the sanitizer you use). Follow the instructions on the bottle to increase your alkalinity to the proper level. Keep your total alkalinity levels where they should be and your pH will be easier to keep balanced. Remember when testing your water to ALWAYS test and adjust total alkalinity FIRST before any other adjustments. Or bring in a water sample to the store and we'll run it in our lab and provide a print-out of exactly what you need to balance your water.

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